Service 1: Retreat Package: Fully inclusive residential stay

Minimum 10 day stay.

Service 2: Intensive Day Care : 150 minute session 6 to 10 sessions taken over 2 to 3 weeks. Client stays off site.

Service 3: Longer Term Therapy:  For residents of Indonesia, sessions begin with a 150 minute session and can then be reduced to 100 minute sessions when suitable.


                                                              Service 1: Retreat Program


An intensive retreat service where the client stays onsite with a therapist there 24 hours per day. The treatment includes full residential stay where everything you need is provided on site, food, drinks, laundry, cleaning, cups of tea etc.

The client and therapist spend 2.5 hours formally addressing the issues you face and setting work for outside of session, like what to read, what to write, what to think about in order to first analyse the problem then to solve or ease the issues you are having.

Yoga and mindfulness is provided by our Balinese yoga instructor who will guide you through the process to help you to relax, let go of muscular tension and most importantly teach you how to breathe properly, let go of troublesome thoughts and slow your nervous system down.

The client and therapist eat lunch and dinner together and the therapist is onsite if you need extra support and you can revisit the day’s work outside of the session with your therapist.

If you like you can join the daily morning walk on the beach with the retreat dogs, your therapist may encourage you to do so every day for therapeutic reasons.

The client finishes the day with a guided practice in Cognitive Mindfulness.

It is important to take breaks during this process and so the retreat has a beautiful garden and pool and Sanur beach is about 150 meters walk from the villa.

The minimum stay is 10 days


                                                              Service 2: Intensive Day Treatment Program


The second service we provide is an intensive course of Psychotherapy day care. This requires 6 to 10 sessions lasting 2.5 hours per session and taken over a 2-week period.

So you would attend the retreat for a minimum of 3 afternoons per week for 2 weeks to work on the issues at hand with your therapist, you will be given homework, things to think about, read or write for the next session but you stay offsite.

The minimum treatment course is 6 sessions of 2.5 hours per session.

                                                      Both services begin with a free 50-minute phone consultation.


                                                              Service 3: Longer Term Therapy


For residents of Indonesia sessions, starting with one 150 minute session costing which can then be reduced to 100 minute sessions when suitable.


The retreat offers 50 minute aftercare sessions for all these options. These sessions can be taken in person or via phone.

The Daisy Retreat program attains on average a 96% improvement in mood and 92% improvement in anxiety. (Based on results from The Beck Depressive Inventory and The Beck Anxiety Inventory from May 2013 to April 2018)

PHONE OR WHATSAP: 0062 856 3790664